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The Linen Story
The Linen Story

Linen is the strongest natural fiber known to man and is frequently passed down as a family heritage. The word “linen” derives from West Germanic and is related to the Latin name for the flax plant, Linum. Linen weave sarees are pleasant to wear in hot weather because of their qualities. Linen sarees have several distinguishing qualities, the most notable of which is their proclivity to wrinkle. Pure Linen fabric is one of the oldest fabrics, with evidence of its production dating back to Egypt over 4,000 years ago. Linen Weave Sarees manufactured from this fabric were worn by the wealthiest people of society because linen is slightly more difficult to handloom than other fabrics. The Egyptians engaged in trade with the Phoenicians, who had their own merchant fleets, through which linen was traded with populations around the Mediterranean. It was through trade that pure linen fabric eventually made its way to Ireland, where one of the most systematized methods of producing flax has been documented. This pure linen fabric made its way to India during British rule after being filtered through England.


Ex-banker Sheetal Bhadani established Loophoop in 2018. Loophoop curates a wide variety of handloom sarees, power loom, and handcrafted items from India. Our products are genuine productions of traditional Indian weaves, handwoven sarees, and art-craft. We ensure that the weavers and craftspeople are fairly compensated for their services. Our major purpose is to curate and make fabrics like pure linen fabric, available to clients at the lowest possible cost. Loophoop is known for its vast collection of linen weave sarees. We have something for everyone, whether it's for everyday business wear or a gorgeous piece to wear to your next saree pact extravaganza! Loophoop has a large selection of handloom and handwoven sarees for e.g., linen handmade sarees for sale online at a reasonable cost. These gorgeous pure linen handmade sarees are the perfect addition to any wardrobe. Our one-on-one personal customer contacts allow you to find the appropriate style for yourself and also avail and buy pure Linen Saree Online at reasonable prices.


The extended lifespan of the pure linen fabric contributes to the sustainability efforts of the linen weave saree. The more it is worn and cleaned, the softer the cloth grows, making it a joy to wear; without a question, it is the most popular Indian handwoven saree. Because of the structural features of linen sarees, no matter how many times they are washed, they will always preserve their pure Linen fabric. Since it is lightweight, natural, and breathable, this handloom saree is also ideal for home wear. Linen weave sarees are the only handcrafted and handwoven sarees that are always in style, therefore investing in a pure linen fabric today will provide you with outstanding cost-per-wear value because it will last. Regardless of changes in shapes, cuts, lengths, and colors, pure linen cloth remains popular. By choosing traditional styles in this evergreen pure linen fabric, you can future-proof your wardrobe while still feeling ready for the new season with popular Indian linen weave sarees.

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