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The Madhubani Story
The Madhubani Story

The canvas of Madhubani art is always full of patterns and colors; the empty areas are filled with blooms, foliage, and a torrent of hues, carefully set with geometrical borders. Madhubani art is claimed to have evolved in the ancient city of Mithila, the birthplace of Sita, King Janaka’s daughter. The king is reported to have commissioned the Madhubani arts to honor his daughter's marriage to Lord Rama of Ayodhya. It thrives as a traditional Indian craft, ethnic Indian wear, pure handloom sarees, and hand-painted sarees. Because of the increased demand for this art style, artists have stopped limiting themselves to walls and have begun creating Madhubani art on cloth. When a huge earthquake struck Bihar in 1934, William G. Archer, a British colonial officer of the Madhubani district, found the Madhubani art tradition. He discovered these artworks on the internal walls of the residences by chance. He then housed a collection of greater quality and more diversely themed Madhubani work

Loophoop was founded in 2018 by ex-banker Sheetal Bhadani. Loophoop offers a broad selection of pure handloom sarees, hand-painted Indian sarees, power loom, and handcrafted products from India. Our products are authentic adaptations of traditional Indian craft, ethnic Indian wear, and art-craft. We make certain that weavers and craftspeople are adequately compensated for their effort. Our overall purpose is to curate and make textiles, such as Madhubani hand-painted sarees, available to clients at the lowest competitive price. Loophoop is well-known for its extensive assortment of hand-painted sarees from Madhubani. We have something for everyone, whether you need something for everyday business wear or a spectacular piece for your next saree pact bonanza! Loophoop carries a broad array of pure handloom sarees, handpainted sarees, and handwoven sarees for sale online, including Madhubani hand-printed sarees. These magnificent Madhubani art sarees are an excellent complement to any wardrobe. Our one-on-one personal client connections permit you to choose the best style for yourself, as well as to avail and purchase traditional Indian craft and Indian ethnic wear at an affordable rate.

Madhubani art sarees are famed for their motifs and symbols; each painting is designed in such a manner that it imparts a symbolic message. Today, not only are Madhubani hand-painted sarees recognized for their innovative design and use of pigment, but they are also internationally known for the artistry required to produce such lovely Indian ethnic wear and traditional Indian craft. Madhubani art shows not only the social hierarchy but also the cultural heritage of the territory via representations of religion, compassion, and fertility. Madhubani hand-painted sarees are among the most well-known Indian ethnic wear and traditional Indian crafts in India and overseas. This popular Mithila region art displays the region's people's ingenuity and empathy and buying their beautiful art in form of elegant sarees is always fruit some!


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